Sunday, May 17, 2009

We made it

First mission accomplished. We all made it, despite the fact that we had 4 different arrival times among the 7 of us. The airport was exactly like last time, you'd never know you had just landed in a majoy city. Everything was closed, and we were the only people in the terminal. Then another plane landed, and we felt better.

Ray, Katrina Corps master, picked us up "right on time " ;-) Then we hit the Denny's across the street from the airport, and waited for Scott to get here. Poor guy was traveling all day (started around 7 am, got here at just after 11 pm). Pretty sure he had to switch planes in Tokyo...

The only real adventure so far was watching the lightning show from our puddle-jumper plane on the way in last night. I've never seen lightning from a plane before. It's awe-inspiring, and a little freaky.

Today, it's sunny with a chance of thunderstorms (woo-hoo!), and a day to walk around the Quarter, grab a beignet, and enjoy the heat and humidity which is the South. We're staying just off Canal Street, 3 blocks up from Bourbon Street. I like.

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