Sunday, May 24, 2009

Live from Athens, Alabama

This morning in Birmingham started off much better, as first thing I took the car over to the gas station across from the hotel to fill it up using my debit card...and it worked. Then I used it again at lunch...and it worked. I'm still done with Chase, as soon as possible after I get back to Seattle.

Speaking of lunch, it was actually breakfast, Creole-style. Ryan Rye and I met up with my friend Allison again (have I mentioned that she's one of my favorite people on the planet?), and followed her up into a fairly ritzy part of Birmingham. We had to maneuver our way through the post-church crowd (and traffic cops...for the post-church crowd), but eventually we sat down to a great breakfast and some hilarity.

Eventually, though, we needed to get on the road. It was sad to say goodbye to Allison again. I don't know many people like her, so I always feel lucky to see her in person. She led us back to the highway, and we were off to Pinson and some Ken's Roadside BBQ!

Umm, not so much. We eventually found Ken's (I'd stopped there in October), but turns out they are closed on Sundays. So we took a quick picture with our mascot, Pete, and headed back out towards the Interstate...which meant we looped back to Birmingham. So after almost 90 minutes of driving, we found ourselves right back where we started. :)

Barbecue stop # 2 in Madison was also closed. *&(%$@#! Seriously? I know it's Sunday in Alabama, but church ended at noon for most, no barbecue this time. Apparently, Memphis has some kick-ass 'cue, so I'm looking forward to that.

We raced thunderstorms the rest of the way up I-65, and made it to our hotel just in time to get dumped on while we ate dinner. It's sunny outside right now, but there are dark clouds all around us. Very, very cool.

For the NOLA crew, keep an eye out later tonight for the first version of this trip's top 10...been working on it all day.

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