Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Top 10 Peeps from NOLA May 2009 Trip

Not counting my Seattle teammates, because they do count of course, but would take up 70% of the list...

10. The woman that Marshall tried to take out with the van.

9. The cashier at Wendy's off Claiborne Ave (bless her heart) who really needed more training.

8. Ray Thomas, Field Director of Katrina Corps, part-time Van Driver, full-time Playah, and co-star of the upcoming film "A Man and His Bluetooth". AND one of the most committed men I've ever met. Sic 'em, Ray.

7. "Mack" McClendon, Executive Director of the Lower 9th Ward Village, for putting the truth out there, making shit happen, and asking questions that frankly needed to be asked 4 frickin' years ago.

6. Marshall Goschenour, Worksite Coordinator and Volunteer Guru of Katrina Corps, Van Driver Extraordinaire (usually). AND also one of the most committed men I've ever met. Sic 'em, Marshall.

5. The Seattleite cashier at the tiny grocery store across from Bennachins off Royal Street.

4. The waitress at Deja Vu (no, not the strip club...come on, people!) off Conti and Dauphine. After eating breakfast there four days in a row, I am disgusted with myself. Not because I kept ordering chicken fried steak and eggs...because I DON'T KNOW HER NAME.

3. Justin, Brooklyn middle schooler, community volunteer, stud. I never actually met Justin, but apparently he was the cause of much heartbreak among the middle school girls at Chez St. Jude's. He made at least two girls cry, and apparently was much more preferable than Michael. Kudos, Big J!

2. Julia, our Connecticutt rep (seems we Seattle groups need one), Education Consultant, IPhone Guru and St. Jude's 'commandment' breaker (thou shalt not break the seal of the boys dorm).

1. The waitress at the Old Absinthe House who 'accidentally' gave me an extra mind-eraser. I don't remember why she's number 1 on this list, but she is...

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