Sunday, May 24, 2009

Live from Athens, part deux

My internet connection at the hotel is weak, so I may or may not be able to finish this post. I'm sitting watching a very un-inspiring Cleveland-Orlando playoff game (especially after the excitement of the last game). Hedo Turkoglu is an overrated hack.

Starting the road trip off in Alabama this time was a good idea, even if things haven't gone as smoothly as I'd hoped. This has given Ryan and I a chance to at least catch up on our rest, and he's had a chance to see some of his old stomping grounds. Being a U of Alabama football fan myself, it was pretty cool to drive through Tuscaloosa yesterday and seeing the stadium. The campus itself was a ghost town, since classes have already ended. But it was still fun to actually be there.

My friend Allison, bless her heart, couldn't stop suggesting things that we could do. I think she's afraid we're going to be bored in northern Alabama, but we honestly needed to take it slow for a few days. And no, Allison, although I did see the exit for the Ava Maria Grotto, we decided emphatically not to stop...maybe next time. :) So we just came straight to the hotel after our barbecue plans fell through, mainly because the doppler radar looked like a brain MRI loaded with tumors.

Tomorrow, we head to Nashville, then Memphis for a few days on Beale Street. We'll be hitting loads of musical museums and trying to catch some jazz. Then we head back into Mississippi to the famous 'crossroads' to see if I can buy my soul back from the devil, and then drive down the River to check out some small but highly recommended blues bars. That's why I'm sleeping so much now. :)

Which is good, because this game is boring the crap out of me...

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