Saturday, May 23, 2009

Live from Birmingham

I guess I could say this isn't exactly what I had in mind. After almost not being able to leave New Orleans with clean underwear, Ryan and I managed to get on the road around 1 pm after a quick airport run, and were happy to start the 2009 Music, Mayhem, and Mischief tour, aka Two Went Out, One Came Back. We're off to a bit of a rocky start, what with it raining the entire time through Mississippi and my card getting declined at the hotel in Birmingham (apparently, Chase's method of letting customers know there might be a disruption in accessing their money while 'data conversion' is taking place is purely telekinetic). But some classic rock stations and good memories of the week gone by (a top 10 list will be coming shortly) are keeping us upbeat...if it's possible for both of us to be that way simultaneously.

After taking a few wrong turns en route, we met up with my friend Allison (one of the nicest people on the planet) for a late dinner in the Edgewood neighborhood of Birmingham, and are now settling in for some much needed rest. He's already snoring.

Here's hoping my debit card is functioning again in the morning. If not, someone's going to get a really nasty phone call.

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