Friday, May 15, 2009

May 2009 New Orleans Trip, Chapter 1

Actually, it's more of a "preface". Tomorrow, seven Seattlelites are heading back down to New Orleans to do more heavy lifting. Five of us are from the October 2008 crew that Seattle Works sent down, and we've got a couple of newbies joining us. I want to give a special shout-out to my friend Becca for signing on literally at the last second...I think she's probably out buying work gloves as I write this.

This is my fourth trip down to the region since Katrina. And as much as I hope things have gotten better and there aren't entire blocks just sitting there rotting in the wind...I know it's probably not the case. But as one of the members of that October team said, in response to the question 'why did you go, then?': "Because I can't do anything else." I can't stop going, not as long as help is still needed and I can still lift a hammer or a paint brush. And this group rocks:

Becca Gluck, Bill VanDyck, Ryan McCrory, Scott Burrell, Tina Smythe, and Tyler "t-bone" Bosma!

As Bill put it, we just have one more "ups", then our next one will be in NOLA! Onward...


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