Sunday, May 24, 2009

Top 10, version 1

In honor of my May 2009 NOLA krewe, here's my top 10 (v. 1.0) moments and phrases of our week:

10. "We ask that you just take two sandwiches. Just two, please. Is that too much to ask?"

9. "Whoa, Monsoon! Door, open, chop chop."

8. "We awright back there?"

7. "Bill's in the store...Bill's in the store!..Put it in 'park', Bill's in the store!...Marshall,!"

6. The $15 hand wash.

5. Seeing Lebron James' game-winning shot live at Boondock Saints off Bourbon Street.

4. Blinding myself with salad dressing at Mona's...and proceeding to do what had to have looked like an impression of a drunk baby moose stumbling over a log pile.

3. Bill's 'shoulders of seduction' moves...coming soon to YouTube! I'll also do an 'honorable mention' here for Scott and his strip tease act. No video of that one, though.

2. Tina and the 'salsa bottle incident' at Juan's Flying Burrito. And wouldn't you know it, Ray happened to be wearing white?

1. 'I think (or don't think) there's an app for that.'

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