Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 4

Today was pretty much a wash. We managed to put up 4 (count 'em, 4!) pieces of sheetrock. Turns out a majority of the joints are non-existent in this frame, and we would basically be creating a corner for the wall using the two pieces of drywall...not the best idea. So tomorrow, we are going to bring a shitload of wood with us to create the proper ties so that we have something to actually hang the drywall from...hopefully we'll get a wall or two hung. Sigh.

Tonight we tried to go see the Rebirth Brass Band at Preservation Hall, to re-live one of the best nights from October. Unfortunately, the band didn't show up. Apparently, a family death is involved. Anyway, our evening didn't pan out, so now I'm back here at the base camp site with my new buddy Julia. I can say that about her, because she's right across the room. Technically, she's not supposed to be up here in the boys section, but with all of those middle schoolers running around the girls dorm, you can't really blame us for breaking the rules. Just don't tell Sister Beth...

Speaking of middle school, probably the best part of today was a childhood memory I just remembered (thanks, Julia) about my first crush. Two girls asking me out, and me not knowing what the fuck to do, and asking everyone I could think of who might have an opinion...and then telling my friend to tell the girl I turned down how sorry I was, and how I really did like her, and not to hate me...but Christy was hot! I wonder whatever happened to Christy Colvin? Hello, Facebook!

So there you go, people. A fairly random post, practically having nothing to do with the journey down here. Enjoy!

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