Friday, October 17, 2008

New Orleans Top 10

On the lighter side of things...we went out to see the Revival Jazz Band at Restoration Hall last night, and I started to think about some of the funnier moments of the trip. Here is a sample (the names have been removed to protect the not-so-innocent):

10. F**k you, you f**cking f**k
9. Test tube to be on Facebook soon
8. Doing laundry while drinking a bloody Mary, talking it up with Louise the bartender, and watching "Sugar & Spice" at Buddha Belly on Magazine Street...I love this town!
7. 'Which way does the Mississippi crescent?...I think it's that way...No, I think it's that's that's that's that's...'(insert your best impression of Louis Black saying "son of a bitch!")
6. 'Sorry, I thought that was MY leg. Then I realized I was wearing pants.'
5. Red beans and rice, gumbo, and jambalaya...the real stuff
4. Cooking breakfast every morning
3. 'Mmmmm...I suppose that eye candy's reserved for the gay bars?'
2. Watching the debate with our own version of "Joe the Plumber"
1. "Somebody get that woman a street sign!"

This is our last day of volunteering. As I've mentioned, I will be taking an additional week to travel around a bit starting this Sunday and I will have limited access to the Internet so postings may be more scattered. The rest of us head out tomorrow morning. I just want to say that it's been a pleasure and a privilege volunteering with these folks--my Seattle team: Bill, Ryan, Beth, Scott, Tyler, Pam, and Ashley, and our additions during the week: our Connecticut crew Erick and Anna, and of course, our Welsh friend Nia. And I have to also tell you that this has been my best trip yet in terms of the organization. The guys at Katrina Corps, Marshall and Ray, have gone out of their way to make sure we have everything we need, to answer any questions the group may have, and to put us in a position to experience the culture and people of New Orleans in addition to the tremendous amount of work that still needs to be done. I can't thank them enough. When I return in the future, it will be because of them (and hopefully to volunteer with them).

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Grounded Girl said...

Awww, man! Gotsa to go back to New Orleans! JEALOUS!