Friday, November 21, 2008

What are we doing? REALLY?

This morning I was on a full bus in Seattle. A passenger boarded, using crutches. In every other city or town I've ever ridden public transportation, several people would have been falling over themselves offering their seat. Not in Seattle. He had to ask for someone to offer their seat...I am not shitting you, people. And the first person to move was the oldest person seating up there. At least four of the younger folks seated didn't even look up from their books or blackberries! Now, one of the younger gentlemen did finally give up his seat, so that both the injured rider and the older woman could sit down. But, really...

Many of us are still exuberant about what happened on November 4th, and we might even be patting ourselves on the back for what "we" accomplished. And I'd be willing to bet that some of them were sitting at the front of my bus this morning. But I've got news for everyone. The "change" that we were all looking for on Election Day won't happen if we (you, me, and the people on either side of you) don't change. We are entitled to NOTHING as a result of what happened on November 4th. If we don't change, how are the next 4 years really going to be any different? What did we really 'win' if we just plug ourselves back into our iPods and ignore everyone around us?

As for me, I think I'll start sitting at the front of the bus. At least then I can be sure that a seat will be available for someone who might need it more than me.

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